United States bombers, Japanese fighter jets conduct drill over Korean Peninsula

Trevor Jackson
October 12, 2017

While almost 80% of the documents had not yet been identified, they reportedly included contingency plans for South Korean special forces and information on military facilities and power plants, it said.

The information, that included wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea, was from the country's defence ministry, according to Rhee Cheol-hee, a South Korean lawmaker.

President Trump hosted a discussion on options to respond to any North Korean aggression, or, if necessary, to prevent Pyongyang from threatening the U.S. and its allies with nuclear weapons, the White House said in a statement. Defense officials refused to comment Wednesday.

North Korean hackers allegedly stole classified military documents from a South Korean Defense Ministry database in September 2016, according to Rhee Cheol-hee, a member of South Korea's National Assembly.

However, Trump said he still had confidence in the secretary of state.

In the latest show of force against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, American bombers and Japanese and South Korean fighter jets flew over the Korean Peninsula in an overnight drill.

In a pair of tweets sent Saturday afternoon, Trump said past agreements with North Korea have all been violated.

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The US military flew two strategic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force yesterday as Donald Trump met defence chiefs to discuss how to respond to North Korea following the reported hacking of wartime operational plans.

Pyongyang has denied responsibility for the cyberattacks in its state media, criticising Seoul for "fabricating" claims about online attacks. But Kim, the third generation of his family to rule, is officially revered in the North, and any suggestion of removing him from power is taken extremely seriously in Pyongyang.

Outside governments and global human rights organizations say Kim rules as a tyrant over a largely malnourished and abused population while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle backed up by a weapons program almost advanced enough to viably target the US mainland with nuclear-tipped missiles.

These plans had likely not been classified properly but defence ministry officials told Rhee the hacked documents were not of top importance, he said.

North Korea has launched two missiles over Japan and conducted its sixth and biggest nuclear test in recent weeks in defiance of U.N. sanctions as it races towards its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the United States.

There is no evidence that the attacks were successful, and cybersecurity experts believe that North Korea lacks the ability to disrupt the power grid.

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