Amazon's Alexa can now recognize different voices and give personalized responses

Janie Parker
October 13, 2017

At launch, it is compatible with Shopping, Amazon Music, Alexa to Alexa calling and messaging, and Flash Briefings.

Voice Profiles will hopefully make its way to other Alexa-enabled devices but is now limited to Echo devices only for the time being. Amazon is not far behind, however, launching Voice Profiles for multiple users on its Echo smart speakers.

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Voice recognition works with the Echo smart speaker and any other devices with Alexa built-in. The price drop could be Amazon's way of sweetening the device for those who don't want to pay $230 for something that can't play clips from the world's most popular video platform. Now, Alexa can tell different users' voices apart, which means family members, for example, can play their own personalised Music Unlimited recommendations and shop without having to provide a confirmation code each time. The feature is being rolled out to the original Echo as well as the Echo Dot and Echo Show speakers. Select Your Voice in settings and then walk through a series of demos that familiarize the software with your voice. The original Echo was first made available in late 2014 for select Amazon Prime subscribers, and that means the Alexa AI has been learning new tricks and features for almost three years. You'll have to repeat ten sentences over to train Alexa that it's your voice.

Amazon has just given Alexa one of Google Home's most useful features, the ability to understand several different people purely by their voice. Also, the user won't need to perform this training for every Alexa device they have. For example, 15 million Amazon Echo devices were sold just past year, according to Parks Associates.

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