Kate Beckinsale says Harvey Weinstein "couldn't remember" if he assaulted her

Trevor Jackson
October 13, 2017

Last week, the The New York Times published an exposeé on Weinstein which included allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women, including actress Ashley Judd.

The Weinstein Company has launched an internal probe over sexual harassment claims against co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, confirming he has taken an "indefinite" leave of absence. In the 1990s, payments were made to two female Miramax employees and actress Rose McGowan. "He alternated between that and asking me to give him a naked massage in the bed".

But with investigations into Weinstein's behavior brewing in NY, he may be better off staying in the USA for the time being.

In remarks captured on video, he says he needs to "get help" and "we all make mistakes".

Hillary Clinton has also come out against Weinstein, condemning his actions and saying in an interview with CNN Wednesday that she will donate the money Weinstein contributed to her political campaigns.

It is announced that Harvey Weinstein has been sacked by the board of his company, with immediate effect. He would not specify which ones, and would not say who within the company or the board was told of them or how the information was communicated.

Weinstein made his impromptu statement on his way out of his 22-year-old daughter Remy's house.

In another exposé published Tuesday in The New Yorker, three women alleged Weinstein had raped them.

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"I have some business advice", she said. A third woman withholds her name from the article, the result of a 10-month investigation by the magazine. "We can from this create a new paradigm where producers, managers, executives and assistants and everyone who has in the past shrugged and said "well, that's just Harvey/Mr X/insert name here" will realize that we in numbers can affect real change", she said.

Weinstein's spokeswoman Sallie Hofmeister tells the publication: "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr Weinstein".

Other figures to speak out against Weinstein include Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch and Leonardo DiCaprio.

A number of senior Labour MPs call for Weinstein's honorary CBE to be taken away.

On Sunday, Weinstein was removed from his powerhouse film studio in the wake of the mounting allegations.

Overnight, police are called following a "family dispute" at the home of Weinstein's daughter. Weinstein was not there when officers arrived. MORE: Celebs slam "disgusting" Harvey Weinstein amid assault allegationsIn her social media post, Beckinsale said Weinstein opened the door to his room wearing a bathrobe. The NYPD does not provide further details.

The organization said in a statement Wednesday that Weinstein's alleged conduct is "repugnant, abhorrent, and antithetical to the high standards of the Academy and the creative community it represents".

Paltrow, who would go on to win a Best Actress Oscar in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love, "feels relieved and pleased to have spoken out", said the source.

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