'White Widow' reportedly killed by United States drone strike

Trevor Jackson
October 13, 2017

She was marked as a "high priority" on the US's kill list earlier this year, the newspaper added.

"The UK and United States military has been working closely together on a number of high-profile targets in recent months and Jones is believed to have been on that list". 12 year old Jojo is believed to have been brainwashed by ISIS and indeed, he featured in an ISIS execution video last year.

In Raqqa, Jones adopted the nom de guerre Umma Hussain al Britani and devoted herself to Isis, using multiple Twitter handles to lure potential recruits to Syria and to encourage sympathisers to carry out attacks in their home countries.

The woman, Sally Jones, converted to Islam in 2013 and became known to authorities for traveling to Syria to join her militant husband.

"In one propaganda post, she posed as a nun with a gun and spoke of her wish to behead Christians with a "nice blunt knife", The Sun reports.

Broadcasting from NY, the LBC presenter said: "It's all well and good the government saying these people are legitimate targets. Come here I'll do it for you". I wouldn't go into central London through June or July.

Trump sends signal with Corker attack - Source Thehill
On Oct. 8, Trump's took to social media to blast Corker and alleged that the Tennessee senator had begged him for an endorsement. He may have voted against the deal ultimately, but he not only allowed the deal to happen, he gave it credibility.

Maj. Gen. Chip Chapman, the former head of counterterrorism at the Ministry of Defense, told Press Association that under the U.N. Charter Jones's son was too young to be classified as a soldier.

"That way. when you interrogate someone, you get more information".

According to the newspaper report, the source said that her son, Joe Dixon, had not been specifically targeted by the missile strike, as he would not have been regarded as a combatant.

Ms Jones, 50, who lived an ordinary life in Chatham, Kent, before she became radicalised, ended up feted as the "White Widow" and became a integral figure after the death of Kings Heath terrorist Junaid Hussain, who was the leader of the Islamic State's "digi-jihad" computer hacking brigade.

He continued: "Even if he got up to really bad things, he shouldn't have been targeted".

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