Mobile's Mobile Without Borders now maxes at 5GB of 4G LTE data

Rachel Hardy
October 16, 2017

This meant that using your phone or making a call in Canada, Mexico, and the USA would be "just like going out of state", T-Mobile CEO John Legere said at the time. That's thanks to the company's Mobile Without Borders perk, which was implemented in 2015.

Two years on and the Uncarrier has chose to slap a monthly limit of 5GB on LTE data before throttling speeds. Why?

As reported by Gizmodo, T-Mobile began offering unlimited data as a response to its competitors, when they refused to do it.

T-Mobile says that this change was made to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product"; reading between the lines likely means that customers were costing the company too much money on the roaming networks. Once the cap is reached, you will be switched to Simple Global speeds only. T-Mobile has been chief among those trying to quash their rivals, making some very competitive moves in order to secure subscribers. It was also a good option if you lived in Mexico or Canada and wanted to avoid your local carriers.

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That was a pretty big deal back then, but now T-Mobile is looking to drawback its Mobile Without Borders perk by capping users data speeds after 5GB of data is used at 4G LTE speeds while in either Canada or Mexico.

The subsidiary company of German telecommunications Deutsche Telecom AG, T-Mobile is quite famous for its unlimited free LTE service for all customers traveling to Mexico and Canada.

A spotlight on how Canadians were using T-Mobile cellular plans was highlighted earlier this year by Vice Money, which showed how for $50 United States dollars, one could get a plan with unlimited data, text and calls in Canada, the US and Mexico.

Users who have been using the Simple Choice Plans and were enjoying the 'Mobile Without Borders' would all change from next month.

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