GameCube controller support comes to Nintendo Switch

Lynne Hanson
October 26, 2017

You are now able to plug in your GameCube adapter into the Nintendo switch and play basically any game with the controller.

Another feature that has been added to the app is the ability to capture video. The GameCube controller, being a product of its time, obviously lacks a few buttons that the Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller have. Since the Switch doesn't have GameCube controller ports (remember the good old days of proprietary controller connectors?), you'll need to use some kind of adapter to get it to work.

Now, lets get onto the rampant speculation as to why Nintendo might have added Gamecube controller support to the Switch... it's Smash Bros. Once connected, it works like a wired Switch gamepad, sans modern conveniences like a "Home" button. But the fact that GameCube controllers work at all is going to be very exciting for Nintendo fans who believe it's the best controller the company ever made.

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The other interesting thing about this news is that it ties into rumors of a new version of Super Smash Bros. coming to the Switch. However, controls at that time were very much limited, making the controller nearly unusable with most Switch games, notes TechRadar. The one feature that probably stands out the most is update 4.0 allowing Gamecube controller support for both the docked console and handheld version.

A pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. But as the below video from GameXplain shows, GameCube controller support came along for the ride. What is nice about the implementation on the Switch is that support is not limited to a single game.

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