Hillary Clinton Comes to Chicago for Book Signing, Event

Trevor Jackson
November 1, 2017

Clinton was asked onstage what costume she will wear for Halloween and, in response, she asserted, "I have to start thinking about it".

Sean Hannity just called Hillary "President Clinton"...

Later in the segment, he began to raise his voice when discussing his distress with a lack of indictment for Clinton over her private email server scandal.

The Fox News host deranged rant came after the network was criticized for not talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on President Donald Trump administration.

Federal judge blocks Trump's trans military ban
She did not rule on another section of the directive that banned using military resources to pay for sex reassignment surgeries. In August , Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced a freeze to the policy change, pending the results of a study by experts.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - not at all bitter about her 0-2 record in presidential races - told NBC News that she would dress up "as the president" for Halloween.

She says social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, must disclose more about where content comes from, and that President Trump should enforce Congressionally-backed sanctions against Russian Federation.

"What did Hil―what did President Clinton".

Some of those in attendance at the Auditorium Theatre remarked on the timing of Clinton's visit, which came on the same day as charges against President Trump's former campaign manager were disclosed. Many pointed out that it fit with the joke that Fox News was more comfortable pretending that Clinton was in the White House, something the former First Lady herself has joked about. The jab is made only more hilarious with Hannity's word vomit.

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