These are the instructions Apple should have included with the iPhone X

Lynne Hanson
November 7, 2017

Hit the jump for the CNET's drop test on the iPhone X, and remember, It's not your phone being dropped.

Nelson found that the iPhone X was just as scratch resistant as many flagship phones.

SquareTrade posted a video that showed the iPhone X dropped from different angles at a height of 6 feet; the phone fared poorly in each test. It's now safe to say you can take on any challenge if you manage not to break your new iPhone X, Apple's newest iteration featuring FaceID and a glass OLED screen void of the home button we've all come to know and love. Except that some tests from a third party claim that the device with a $1,000 entry point is the most breakable the company has produced. The results were surprised that the unlocking of the phone was not regular after the test.

The "Tumble Test" saw the iPhone X placed in a "Tumble Bot" for 60 seconds (imagine the inside of a washing machine), taking short, constant bumps.

The side drop was considered the most damaging internally, while the exterior of the phone remained mostly intact.

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Dunk Test: The iPhone X faired similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, surviving 30 minutes under five feet of water with some audio muffling during playback.

In the document, Apple is admitting that the the iPhone X display is not immune to color shift or screen burn-in, two issues the Google Pixel 2 XL is being roasted for.

If in a case you get your iPhone X dropped from hand and the back panel got damaged then it will cost you around 300 bucks and for the front, it's $500 without any functional fix.

In addition, TechInsights costing analyst Al Cowsky told Reuters that "The iPhone X smartphone costs $357.50 to make and sells for $999, giving it a gross margin of 64 percent, according to TechInsights, a firm that tears down technology devices and analyzes the parts inside". A smile can be found on the faces of iPhone droppers every time a screen goes uncracked, spurning the hefty fix fee or, worse yet, the looming expense of buying another smartphone. But for the iPhone X, Apple's fix bills are more expensive than ever. Do you buy accidental damage insurance on your smartphones?

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