Ubisoft: PS5 and Next Xbox Are a Minimum "2 Years" Away

Janie Parker
November 9, 2017

They're expected to release their next earnings report on November 27, a report that'll nearly certainly include some mention of how the Xbox One X did in their stores as well as some figures to show how many consoles they sold.

The problem documented is that when users are playing their games, the console suddenly shuts off, and no matter how many times they try or switch the cords, there's no luck in attempting to turn it back on again.

Xbox One X is being touted as the most powerful console ever, with 4K resolution and HDR, as well as upscaling of normal Xbox One titles. It's notably crisper and more vivid than playing the same game on the original Xbox One in 1080p high definition. With 4K gameplay, improved frame rates, and faster loading times, the Xbox One X is certainly a tempting console but, as Xbox head Phil Spencer said, it's created to appeal more to gaming connoisseurs.

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But nearly everything else about the console is exactly the same as its much more affordable counterpart, the Xbox One S, which also rings in at half the price: $250.

Some lucky fans were blessed with not only an Xbox One X but an opportunity to challenge each celebrity to a game on the system. If you've haven't played World of Tanks, the developer has you covered. If you weren't able to make it out to your local retailer or Microsoft Store, the company also made sure that you could check out all of the festivities through its live stream. He says the upgrade has been smooth and he loves the new hardware - minus the phone's single port.

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