Last-minute reshoots as Spacey is replaced by Plummer in movie

Jay Jacobs
November 10, 2017

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, the two leads in the film, agreed to participate in the reshoots.

All The Money In The World was originally set to premiere at the American Film Institute's film festival on 16 November, but the release was pushed back to 22 December after the allegations against Spacey surfaced.

The movie - a thriller about the real life kidnapping of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty's grandson - will replace Spacey's role as with Christopher Plummer.

USA actor Kevin Spacey is to be erased from a completed Hollywood film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour against him. In fact, Christopher Plummer - Scott's original choice for Spacey's role - has been recruited. Those circumstances were dramatically different than the decision that was made today on All The Money In The World.

Sources close to the production of "All the Money in the World" have said that Plummer began reshoots immediately following the release of new sexual harassment allegations against a teenage boy were directed at the Oscar winning actor, Spacey.

Plummer will now play USA millionaire and oil tycoon J. Paul Getty in the story about the 1973 kidnapping of his teenage grandson John Paul Getty III. His mother tries to persuade Getty to pay the random for her son after Italian gangsters captured him.

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In the latest incident, he has been accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old man in July 2016.

Actor Anthony Rapp and Harry Dreyfuss (the son of Richard Dreyfuss) have also said the actor assaulted them, and London police said they were investigating a 2008 sexual assault reportedly linked to Spacey.

Spacey, who was 26 at the time, said: "I honestly do not remember the encounter, it would have been over 30 years ago".

Some people took to Twitter after the replacement following the onslaught of sexual assault allegations, claiming Spacey's career might be over.

Last week, Netflix confirmed that they will not be producing any new episodes of 'House Of Cards' featuring the actor.

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