Flu Vaccine Saved 40,000 Lives During 9 Year Period | Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

Francis Osborne
December 1, 2017

USA health officials are bracing for a devastating flu season this winter that many people won't even be able to ward off with their annual flu shot.

"The number of flu cases is relatively high for this time of year, and public health officials are concerned there will be a high risk of spreading the flu during the holiday season". It may be several years before a universal flu vaccine is available.

While the outlook for the US flu season is grim, Dr. Fauci maintained that Americans should still take the time to get a vaccination. The country is often used as a model for how vaccines will perform in the States.

And this year, experts say the flu virus might end up being more intense than it has been in the past and the flu vaccine might not be as strong as expected.

The flu season has just started in North America.

Regardless, doctors in Wilkes-Barre say you should still get your flu shot. The authors theorized that this was in part due to this mutation and in part because of a complication with the antibody serums used to make the vaccine fit for people.

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Furthermore, the vaccine is only 10% effective against the main strain of flu. "It doesn't prevent the flu, but it does protect against the flu so now's the time to get your flu shot", Navarrette said.

Myth 4. Flu season is annoying but can't cause major harm.

To create a vaccine for each flu strain, manufacturers grow billions of WHO-selected viruses in chicken eggs, STAT reports. Next to older people, young children 6 months through 4 years of age benefitted most from flu vaccine in terms of the percentage of deaths averted. There are also immune-boosting influenza vaccines for those aged 65 and above, and preservative-free versions for pregnant women or those who are allergic to mercury.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates there are between 3,000 and nearly 50,000 flu related deaths each year.

Myth 2. You can't spread the flu when you don't feel sick. "We're seeing now that the vast majority of the strains that are early-circulating now right now in the United States...are this H3N2, which historically is always the worse influenza, for example, than an H1N1", Fauci said.

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