Michael Flynn admits lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation about Russian Federation contacts

Trevor Jackson
December 2, 2017

Court papers make clear that Flynn knows the identities of at least two members of Trump's transition team who were intimately aware of his outreach to Russian government officials in the weeks before the inauguration.

Flynn's new cooperation with the special counsel investigation is somewhat expected after he cut ties with the White House's lawyers last week. The statement is the first indication that Flynn is cooperating with the special counsel's office. The Statement of the Offense included important new details, including that Flynn was directed by a senior transition official to contact Russian officials in an effort to influence Russia's response to the Obama Administration's imposition of sanctions and the UN Security Council resolution vote on Israeli settlements, and, crucially, that he reported back to transition officials.

Flynn was accused of falsely telling the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he had not talked about sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the US during a December 2016 meeting, according to prosecutors with the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the AP reported.

Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn has said a senior member of the president's transition team directed him to make contact with Russian officials in December 2016.

The retired US Army Lieutenant General was specifically accused of lying about a conversation he had with Kislyak concerning sanctions that then-US President Barack Obama imposed on Russian Federation in late December 2016.

Flynn rejected claims that he had committed treason, but said he accepts "full responsibility for his actions." .

The charges against Flynn relate to a series of discussions the general had last December, during the presidential transition, when he reportedly told Kislyak that Trump's White House might go easy on sanctions against Russian Federation that were imposed by President Obama and asked Kislyak to sabotage a United Nations resolution on Israel that Obama's White House supported. "I think it goes well beyond the fact that he just lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation", said Warner.

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In a striking rupture with past practice, the Obama administration refrained from vetoing the condemnation, opting instead to abstain.

This guilty plea also comes on the heels of a new report about the President's efforts to silence the independent, bipartisan Senate investigation into ties between Trump associates and Russian Federation.

In a February 14 meeting at the White House, Trump reportedly told then-FBI Director Comey to "let this go". His business dealings and foreign interactions have made him a central focus of Mueller's investigation.

But Trump has repeatedly rejected that view.

In October, Paul Manafort, Trump's one-time campaign chairman, and Manafort's deputy Rick Gates were arrested on money laundering and tax-related charges in relation to their work for Moscow-backed Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

The US continues to reel as further information comes out about apparent attempts by Russian Federation to influence the recent presidential election and sow discord within America though fake social media accounts.

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