Russian Federation positioning itself to make U.S. irrelevant in North Korean nuclear crisis

Trevor Jackson
December 2, 2017

Russian Federation yesterday accused the United States of trying to provoke North Korean leader Kim Jong Un into "flying off the handle" over his missile programme to hand Washington a pretext to destroy his country.

Calling for new talks with North Korea, Lavrov added: "We have already emphasised... that the squeeze of sanctions has essentially come to an end, and that those resolutions which introduced the sanctions should have included a requirement to renew the political process, a requirement to renew talks". The Trump administration has also vowed to slap additional sanctions.

Yesterday, Washington warned that North Korea's leadership will be "utterly destroyed" if war breaks out as it called on countries to cut all diplomatic and trade ties with North Korea. For instance, if there were to be a conflict with North Korea I think it's entirely possible that China and maybe Russian Federation would come in on Pyongyang's side. US officials had initially said that the exercises would be delayed until spring in order to allow for the tensions to ease.

Lavrov said Haley's call for the world to isolate North Korea was wrong.

"We regard this negatively", Lavrov said.

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The call by Haley was made a day after defiant North Korea fired it's first missile since September 15 which it claimed could reach mainland USA.

But Russia, which is masterfully edging the USA out of relevance in Syria, is now making more muscular statements on Trump's diplomatic shortcomings with North Korea, including his calls to further isolate the regime. The escalation in tensions came as a disappointment for Moscow, which is advocating a "double freeze" approach, in which North Korea halts missile and nuclear tests and the USA stops its military maneuvers. North Korea and now China have both accused the USA of escalating tensions with its military presence. "Let them say it directly. then we can take a decision about how to react", said Lavrov. And then suddenly. they announced large-scale exercises in December.

Moscow sells oil products to North Korea and thousands of North Korean workers toil in Russian Federation, sending remittances back to the authorities in Pyongyang. "We have the impression that it was all done specially to get Kim Jong Un to "fly off the handle" and take another reckless step".

"I think the Chinese are doing a lot".

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