VA House of Delegates Race now a Tie

Trevor Jackson
December 22, 2017

"I am happy that every vote in Newport News was counted and that the judges took time to deliberate before rendering a decision", Yancey said in a statement emailed to Reuters. But that three-person panel on Wednesday decided one confusingly marked ballot should be handed to Yancey, tying the votes for each candidate.

It's not over yet in the Virginia House of Delegates race that threatened to strip Republicans of their majority.

And former VP candidate Tim Kaine celebrated saying "EVERY".

Democrats claimed historic gains in Virginia's statehouse last month, part of the party's first big wave of victories since Republican Donald Trump won the White House past year.

Republicans had controlled the Virginia House of Delegates for the past 17 years but Democrats picked up more than 15 seats in the November 7 election. And then, the three judges concurred that the ballot they examined should be counted in favor of incumbent Yancey - which changed the recount vote tally to an exact tie, at 11,608 votes each. After review, the recount court agreed to count the ballot for Delegate Yancey.

The ballot in question contained a mark for Democrat Shelly Simonds as well as a mark for Republican Del.

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That means the race is a tie.

"Last night after the recount was completed, our team became aware of a question surrounding an uncounted ballot". If the House is tied when he takes office in January, Democrats will have more leverage to push for their policy priorities, like state Medicaid expansion.

The Virginia Department of Elections said Wednesday that they were still waiting for a final order from the circuit court before proceeding on how to determine a victor. At this time, the matter is still with the recount court.

Under Virginia law, the State Board of Elections chooses the victor of a tied election "by lot", but the law does not specify the actual method to be used. A decade ago, CT repealed its coin-toss rule in favor of deciding tied races through the Legislature or by a runoff - in other words, a do-over. One might infer a Republican preference, but there is no way to know for sure, and hence in my opinion the court should not be making inferences, although I will allow I do not know the legal standard in Virginia.

That vote handed Democrat Shelly Simonds the seat, giving Democrats 50 seats, and Republicans 50 seats. Drawing lots is a insane way to choose a representative.

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