Hina Khan is shocked to know BFF Priyank Sharma's perception about her

Trevor Jackson
December 25, 2017

Priyank Sharma, Akash Dadlani and Luv Tyagi had to fill air in balloons with the help of. Punish tells Shilpa that everyone agrees to eat crab (AkashDadlani).PriyankSharmaa was asked to make an agreement, in which they did not fight in the coming weeks.Shilpa and Love discuss and talk about PriyankSharmaa's friendship.

Mika enters the main stage dancing on Jumme Ki Raat. Mika will also have an interesting task for the housemates. They start singing songs like Oonchi Hai Building, etc. Mika says that any song sung for Salman becomes a hit. He will say something about a contestant and ask the contestant to guess, who among the housemates might have made that statement about them and then spray snow on their face. Adding to the merriment, Mika then sang a few songs and asked contestants to dedicate it to each other; and Puneesh jumped on the opportunity and said Laila Teri Le Legi is the ideal rendition for Shilpa. Puneesh is picked by Vikas. Vikas is picked by her. She believes that calling Shilpa a "Wahiyaat" and "Ghatiya Aurat" is her biggest mistake and its probably for this reason that she was voted out.

On Hina, Vikas and Shilpa bring players: "He is using his brain to play the game". This Begum of Bhopal has stayed true to her friends in the house and her strong bond with rapper Akash Dadlani is a testimony to the rough waters they have sailed in the two months. Puneesh and Akash are picked, rightly as offenders by Priyank.

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The final two accusers, however, opted to remain anonymous noting that Dutoit was still a prominent figure in the classical music world.

On her court cases: "All these are my past and I have clarified a few things while inside the house".

In all probability, Vikas was talking about Luv's borrowed fan base from Hina, which has kept him afloat on the show, saving him every time he is nominated. Hina was playing the game well before but now she is not and is mostly seen in her bed relaxing. Hina figures Priyank has said this. Another reason that this eviction came out as a shocker was that inactive contestants like Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma led the race with phenomenally higher votes. Later, Salman pulls Akash Dalani's leg and asks him to keep up the sportsmanship.

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