Apple fought a company called Steve Jobs Inc. -and lost

Lynne Hanson
December 30, 2017

But most of us are just hearing about a little-known court case involving Italian clothing company, Steve Jobs.

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs, known for his trademark black turtleneck and plain blue jeans, now has his name trademarked on jeans in Italy.

Two Italian brothers who started a fashion company called Steve Jobs have defeated Apple in a trademark dispute.

Apple lost the fight and the brothers get to keep their trademark and can continue to use the name.

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La Repubblica Napoli reports that Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato first applied to register the Steve Jobs brand name, and logo with the Apple leaf and bite taken out of it, back in 2012. Apple focused on the logo, but because the letter "j" isn't seen as an edible item, the bite mark in it wasn't viewed by the courts as copying Apple's own logo.

As per la Repubblica Napoli, Apple specifically chose to sue the Barbato brothers over the logo they were using to promote the brand which consisted of a stylized "J" with a bite taken out of its side and an Apple-like leaf poking out over its head. It said the brothers should be free to carry on using their trademark. The Italian company's logo is a simple "J" with a bite taken out of it.

At the time the brothers were launching their own clothing and accessory company after spending years creating products for other brands. According to Business Insider Italia, Apple focused on the logo and because the J isn't a fruit, the brothers told the outlet, the chunk can not be a bite, as in the Apple logo.

"We are working on a line of very innovative electronic devices", the duo told Business Insider.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple is no longer just a fruit, nor is it only associated with Newton.

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