Red-faced Kim Jong-un accidentally blasts OWN city in missile blunder

Trevor Jackson
January 5, 2018

Kim Jong-un's failed missile test on April 28 past year was barely acknowledged by the U.S. after it crashed shortly after launch.

The Diplomat reports that a USA government source with knowledge of the launch says the missile failed after just a single minute of airtime.

It was launched from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province.

According to The Diplomat, the missile never flew higher than 70 kilometers as its first stage engines shut down just minutes into the flight. The Diplomat magazine quoted a source in the U.S. intelligence wing as saying that the missile exploded on impact and caused extensive damage to industrial and.or agricultural buildings where it crashed.

The unnamed source showed The Diplomat images from Google Earth from today compared to ones taken in 2016 to show the damage.

The missile's failure was widely reported at the time but it was not previously known that the Hwasong-12 crashed in a populated area.

If true, the report suggests the dangers of North Korean missile tests to countries beneath their flight paths, such as Japan.

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Because the missile had consumed only a fraction of its liquid fuel, it is likely that the facility at Tokchon experienced a large explosion upon impact.

Dr Baker, an adviser to Reagan during the Cold War, claimed North Korea is taking "considerable" risks, which could see a missile veering off course and hitting the wrong target.

As for what this means for the US, the Diplomat explained that rather than coming from known launch pads, DPRK missiles may originate from hardened tunnels, hangers or other newly constructed storage sites scattered all around the country, which has added to and diversified its list of launch points.

On April 28, it was third test of Hwasong-12. That missile, which North Korea claims can reach the United States, also reportedly failed and broke up on re-entry.

Kim announced his reclusive nation had become a "full nuclear state" in November following the successful launch of his most powerful rocket.

In the war of words that followed, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatened to launch a missile strike on the USA with President Donald Trump then responding in kind, saying that he did not rule a military solution to the conflict.

Since 2008, photographer Eric Lafforgue ventured to North Korea six times.

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