Social media shows intense so-called 'bomb cyclone' storm on East Coast

Lucy Hill
January 14, 2018

About 100 million people faced a new challenge after the whopping East Coast snowstorm: a gusty deep freeze, topped Saturday by a wind chill close to minus 100 on New Hampshire's Mount Washington that vied for world's coldest place. Another fatality was reported near Philadelphia when a auto could not stop at the bottom of a steep, snow-covered hill and slammed into a commuter train. It slammed into a commuter train, killing a passenger in the vehicle, but no one on the train was hurt.

A bomb cyclone, also known as a weather bomb, is the unofficial term for what meteorologists call explosive cyclogenesis or bombogenesis. According to Martin, it means the storm is going to lose the equivalent of about 3.5 percent of the entire mass of the whole atmosphere, from the ground to outer space.

Temperatures were so low in northern NY it caused the giant waterfalls straddling the US-Canadian border, Niagara Falls, to freeze solid. Although Florida's panhandle saw snow in December, this latest bitter blast left many awestruck with the rare weather event.

Although this sort of storm is seen in North East US every winter, its effects are far more powerful this time around. Reports of outages have already surfaced for thousands in Georgia, Florida, and SC.

A hungry buck didn't appear bothered by the storm in Staten Island. Meanwhile, Philadelphia and New York City are under Warning Storm Warnings. There might be power outages, and traveling could be risky.

Winds will crank in response to this pressure drop, howling to at least 30 to 50 miles per hour along the coast.

The National Weather Service on Wednesday warned of "snow, ice, rain, strong winds, and tidal flooding" from the southeast New England as a storm described as a winter hurricane batters the Eastern seaboard.

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Temperatures are expected to be in the 20s on Thursday as snow moves into the region.

"Anticipate travel and economic impacts today and tonight with accumulating snow and white-out conditions".

There's a risk of power outages on the Southern East Coast right now, according to NBC.

More than 4,300 United States flights were canceled for Thursday, according to

Boston, meanwhile, is expecting at least 14 inches (35cm) of snow and six inches (15cm) of snowfall is predicted in the New York City region. American Airlines said it canceled more than 630 Thursday flights. And the heaviest snowfall is expected for eastern New England and eastern Long Island.

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia declared a state of emergency through Friday for 28 counties because of the frigid weather.

For us, it's the back end of the storm that will cause serious problems, with high winds and even more brutally cold temperatures. The National Weather Service said Atlantic City, N.J., could get up to 18 inches of snow. The weather service said up to 1in (2.5cm) of snow could fall as far south as Tallahassee, Florida.

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